A compressed nerve often causes numbness

We ask you if numbness in the arms or legs is one of your symptoms in the initial consultation to figure out the what kind of ailments you have. If the numbness is associated with lower back pain or neck/shoulder pain, it may be caused by a narrowing of the nerve pathway or short-term compression/pinched nerve. This can be caused as a result of sleeping on a bad mattress for instance.

A compressed nerve can also cause arm numbness. It may be spinal nerve root compression, or it may be compressed locally like in the case of carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS). Numbness is felt in the area where it leads to the nervous system. Prolonged compressed nerves can result in loss of strength or muscle atrophy from the nerve damage.

Nerve decompression can bring results very quickly, but in more chronic cases, more treatment is often required. When the treatment is carried out correctly, at first, the numbness eases and usually stops completely. Are you suffering needlessly? Let our chiropractors help you.