Chiropractic care for children

Musculoskeletal disorders including problems with muscle and joint dysfunction affect everyone right from babies to adults.

A woman’s body goes through radical physical changes during pregnancy and childbirth. The body undergoes significant changes in a short period, and this may make it tough on the musculoskeletal system. Women may experience back and shoulder pain, headaches, joint pain or general muscle tension. Breastfeeding positions can also present additional demands, especially on the neck.

Infants with musculoskeletal disorders may display symptoms such as increased crying, difficulty sleeping or being on their back, or asymmetrical behaviour, i.e. looking in one direction more than the other or preferring one breast over the other during breastfeeding. These disorders are often caused as a result of prenatal or postnatal muscle tension in the neck or back.

Treatment provided by a chiropractor is safe, individual-specific, and the methods of treatment are always adapted to the individual patient. Your littlest family members are treated with extra gentle techniques.

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