A stiff neck can cause dizziness

Dizziness can be a pain that complicates everyday life. Dizziness refers to the feeling of instability and losing one’s balance. Usually, cases of dizziness are only mild and do not last long. Dizziness rarely means that you have a serious illness.

If dizziness persists for long periods, or you experience dizziness regularly, it will start to affect your quality of life. The degree of dizziness may vary in intensity if a person experiences prolonged dizziness. Often prolonged dizziness can spiral out of control where it begins taking over a person’s life. This can result in psychological stress and make the problem worse.

There is no one clear cause of dizziness. A very common reason patients visit a chiropractor is to treat dizziness caused by neck stiffness. The treatment usually helps with this very quickly. Other causes of dizziness can include, dehydration, migraine or stress for example. You will have a personalised initial consultation before you proceed with treatment, in this initial consultation we go over your situation and try to find out the underlying cause of your problems as accurately as possible so that you get the most effective results.