Privacy Policy

“Keskus-Kiropraktiikka Oy’s” [The Chiropractic Centre Ltd’s] privacy policy for appointment bookings and the client information system is maintained as per section 10 of the Personal Data Act.

1. Registry managed by
“Keskus-Kiropraktiikka Oy” [The Chiropractic Centre Ltd]
Finnish business registration number [Y-tunnus]: 2575459-7
Address: Erottajankatu 9 B, 00130 Helsinki, Finland
E-mail: simo(at)

2. Contact person in matters related to the register
Simo Poutanen. E-mail: simo(at)

3. Name of the register
“Keskus-Kiropraktiikka Oy asiakastietojen, laskutuksen ja ajanvarausten rekisteri” [“Keskus-Kiropraktiikka Oy” [The Chiropractic Centre Ltd] client data, billing and appointment booking system register].

4. Purpose of the register and information held
The purpose of the register is to improve client relationships, enable bookings and maintain billing information. The information is collected directly from clients who have registered with the clinic. In the health care industry, data is also held relating to staff members who serve clients. Personal data collected by us, “Keskus-Kiropraktiikka Oy” [The Chiropractic Centre Ltd] will only be used to maintain its client relationships, billing systems, and make contact/send messages to the client. If the client and simo(at) have a therapeutic relationship, the system will also store data that has been approved by the client for maintaining that therapeutic relationship. Data will not be disclosed to third parties. “Keskus-Kiropraktiikka Oy” [The Chiropractic Centre Ltd] may also send marketing and other communication material to the client if the client has permitted this. Clients can refuse to receive these communication notifications by e-mailing us at info(at)

5. Type of data collected
The following information is stored or may be stored in the register: name, e-mail address, postal/residential address, telephone number, gender, client billing information such as first and last name, language, information that pertains to receipt of client letters via e-mail and SMS (text message), recent login sessions, information on people who have seen and edited client information, booking reservations made, client visits, payments, and information on who has viewed and edited these.

7. Disclosure of data and the transfer of data outside the EU or the European Economic Area
Data will not be disclosed to third parties or outside the EU or the European Economic Area.

8. Data retention policy
Data is retained for the duration of the client relationship or as long as required by law. The relevant laws, regulations and directives have been taken into account when retaining data. Data may be removed from the register if the client’s requests this and this request is permitted by law.

9. Data protection
The register of the “Ajas” online appointment booking system is used to maintain the main register and is protected with passwords, and the database server and other servers are protected by firewalls, passwords, and other technical means. Passwords are not stored on the server in plain text but kept protected using a safe method at any given point in time. Our server is located in a locked and guarded room in Upcloud Oy’s (“Upcloud Ltd” in English) server room located in Helsinki, Finland. An automated system for backups assures data retention.

If the system is compromised in such a way that affects you, we will inform and notify you as soon as possible, and subsequently, we will tell you what countermeasures we took. You must keep your user name and password a secret from third parties if you have either of these.

10. Right to access personal data and right to object
You have the right to access any information we may have about you, the right to correct incorrect information, the right to prohibit the use of the information you provide for direct marketing and otherwise, rely on your rights under the “Henkilötietolaki” [Personal Data Act] and EU Directives unless otherwise stipulated by law. Requests must be addressed to the contact person in matters related to the register specified at “2.” above. A list of all data stored can be requested no more than once a year.

11. The appointment booking system uses cookies
Our website and appointment booking system use cookies. A cookie is a small piece of data sent from a website and stored in the user's browser, allowing the visitor to create a secure session which helps the website remember the same visitor while using/returning to the website. Users cannot log in without cookies. Cookies do not harm the user’s computer or their files. If visitors do not want to allow cookies in the appointment booking system, it is possible to turn cookies off. However, without certain types of cookies enabled, we can't guarantee that our website/services and your experience of it are as we intended it to function.

12. Internet Protocol data (IP data)
The “Keskus-Kiropraktikka Oy” (“The Chiropractic Centre Ltd” in English) appointment booking system records user IP addresses and stores these in the appropriate log. A log is used for potential error reports and security data maintenance. Predetermined “Ajas appointment booking system” staff members can access the log.