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For more information about acute care bookings, please phone us on 010 574 6640.

Step 1)
​Select the service you would like select (1) for “Kiropraktiikka” [Chiropractic care] or (2) for “Hieronta” [Massage] under “PALVELU” [SERVICES].

Step 2)
Select your staff preference under “ASIAKASPALVELIJA” [STAFF PREFERENCE].

Step 3)
If this is your first visit, please select “UUSI ASIAKAS” [NEW CLIENT]. If you are booking as part of a treatment plan, select “JATKOKÄYNTI” [FOLLOW-UP APPOINTMENT].

Step 4)
Select your preferred time from the “Kalenteri” [Calendar] either by selecting one of the available times or by selecting your preferred day from the calendar.

Step 5)
Please fill in your details in the form provided and add any promo codes you have in the “LISÄTIETOA” [ADDITIONAL INFORMATION] space provided.

Step 6)
If you would like to receive an appointment confirmation or reminder e-mail, please check the “MUISTUTUS SÄHKÖPOSTILLA” [SEND CONFIRMATION E-MAIL] box.

If you have any problems with the booking system, please phone us on 010 574 6640 or e-mail us at

Please note that cancellations made within 12 hours of the scheduled appointment, will be subject to a 100% cancellation fee.

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