Jucci Hellström

"You could say that ViaVital saved me from my back problems."

About a year ago, my back got so bad as a result of my gigs and I had neglected muscles so much that I had to be on sick leave almost every second week... Eventually, my back got so bad that I could hardly walk properly.

"A friend recommended that I go see a chiropractor at ViaVital and I am eternally grateful to him."

I managed to get an appointment with ViaVital chiropractor. After the first visit, I was told that even Rome wasn’t built in a day, but we can fix your body. So that’s exactly what happened. My back recovered surprisingly quickly.

However, I still use ViaVital’s services regularly to prevent the same thing from happening again. You could say that ViaVital saved me from my back problems.

Excellent service, nice guys, and most importantly, their knowledge and skills are guaranteed... I couldn’t have bargained for a better service.

ViaVital - I thank you!

Jucci Hellström
Fitness Professional / Personal Trainer
Scandinavian Hunks show group founder member