You can feel lower back pain in a variety of different ways

Treating back pain is still the most common ailment treated at the chiropractic clinic. The most common back problem people receive treatment for is lower back pain. There is not just one type of lower back pain as it can occur in many forms: It may appear in the form of a continuous irritating ache or sharp pain and at its worst, a paralysing pain when the body is in certain positions. Generally, the source of the pain needs to be determined and whether it is a localised pain, or it radiates from the source to other parts of the body, for example, the leg. It’s also important to determine whether the pain also includes numbness, stiffness, or a lack of strength. Pain is a personal experience so it can mean that only certain points that are in pain. In principle, pain is always a personal experience, and it depends on how long the pain has lasted and whether the individual is experiencing acute or chronic pain. Also, the location, intensity and type of pain can provide a guideline for diagnosing the ailment.

“Lumbago” also known more commonly as “lower back pain”, is a common term used in chiropractic care. The lower back is used when lifting heavy objects for example and then it “locks up” suddenly. The sudden rotating movement of the spine can also cause lumbago (lower back pain). Other contributing factors may also affect it, such as cold draughts.

Lower back pain that has lasted for less than three months is often considered to be acute pain and may be caused by joint muscles or spinal disc issues. Chronic pain is pain that has been endured for extended periods or pain that returns in regular intervals often has other causes; this is because chronic pain changes the brain’s sensory attributes. Commonly, lower back pain yields the best treatment results when treated early. Chiropractic care usually helps quickly and efficiently.